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At the Clinic

After stroke RGS can be used at the hospital and in specialized health centres as part of the patient recovery treatment.


At Home

As a stroke rehabilitation programme, RGS can also be used by patients at their own homes since it is equipped with an integrated system for remote and personalized treatment, diagnostics, monitoring and advise.



RGS Key Benefits

 RGS_MIMS_scheme_v1_GREEN test


A clinically Advanced platform for health

The RGS treatment is clinically validated and it is proven to facilitate the recovery of motor and cognitive function after brain damage.  RGS is already in use in several clinics where it supports patients and health care providers in realising autonomous, effective and affordable care. 

Adapts to the needs of the patient

RGS treatments are tailored to the specific needs of each user, after acute or chronic phases after brain injury. RGS continuously monitors the user and adjusts the treatment protocol accordingly.

Engages and motivates the patient

RGS promotes the active engagement of the patient by placing them at the centre of the rehabilitation process, they are in control of how they train following a personalised treatment approach.

Cost effective

RGS is cost effective for patients and their families. It also reduces the costs for the providers of primary health care, health centres and insurance companies by minimising transportation while optimising the intensity of rehabilitation training, diagnostics and monitoring.