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Rehabilitation Gaming System


The Rehabilitation Gaming System - RGS -  is a science-based ICT solution for neurorehabilitation and brain training that targets the motor and cognitive recovery of patients after a brain lesion.

RGS uses Virtual Reality and Gamification methods and has an advanced computer vision technology that provides accurate tracking of the body and limbs of the patient and the mapping in real-time of their movement into virtual limbs.

Eodyne's technology is highly adaptive to the capabilities of the user via an adaptive mapping solution that helps to optimize the visual feedback to the patient.


RGS individualised training programs

The RGS system provides individualised training programs via a science- based virtual reality protocols. RGS has been validated by neuroscience experts and clinicians in several hospitals and has a Class I Medical device certification.


RGS  Training and protocols

The RGS virtual reality training protocols combine movement execution with the observation of a correlated action by virtual arms displayed in a first-person perspective.  This method have proved to be beneficial for reaching and grasping and  their corresponding movement trajectories for: endpoint control, joints recruitment and coordination at the level of the hand, the elbow and shoulder, and trunk balance.  

RGS immersive virtual reality scenarios provide highly stimulating environments as compared to traditional rehabilitation settings. These virtual environments can be tailored according to the user's preferences and needs, thus motivating and maximizing training.  

see our Eodyne video series for the RGS Protocols 2017



In this training protocol the patient has to reach approaching spheres at different speed and frequency. As the patient performs better the spheres become smaller and faster.

Grab and place

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In this training protocol the patient has to intercept grab and place approaching spheres at different speed and frequency. As the patient performs better the spheres become smaller and faster.

PIn Ball


The coloured spheres will  fall in and roll upfront. The patient has to catch or reach only those sphere with a predefined colour. This protocol is designed for motor and cognitive rehabilitation.

Starry Road

Starry Road

The patient has to catch stars while driving a cart on a curvy road. With body movements and balance of the trunk is possible to change direction and avoid rock and obstacles. This protocol is designed for motor and balance rehabilitation.

Air Hockey

In this protocol the patient must reach and hit the pucks in the direction of the goal. The position of the pucks and the size of the goal will change according to the performance of the patient.

Follow the line

Follow the line

In this protocol the patient must follow the line and keep between its boundaries. 



The RGS MIMS is a cloud based solution for the management of the patient's information and training program.








- Training Process Visualization
- Progress Report and Analytics
- Individual Training sessions
- It operates on multiple devices across operating systems