Eodyne develops science-based neuro-rehabilitation technologies 

The rehabilitation gaming system RGS is an ecosystem of advanced AI-based technologies for effective and functional recovery of motor and cognitive function after brain damage. 

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Why RGS?

RGS is adaptive and fun!

RGS is tailored to the specific needs of each individual patient, from the acute to the chronic phase after brain damage.

RGS is cost effective

RGS reduces the costs while optimizing the intensity of rehabilitation training, diagnostics, and monitoring.

The RGS experts say!

“This kind of treatment is very interesting because we can treat patients in the chronic phase that don’t receive any treatment but that can still improve their upper limbs deficits”

Ampar Cuxart, Chief Rehabilitation Department, Vall D'Hebron, Barcelona
The RGS experts say!

“I use RGS in my healthcare practice as a therapeutic tool in my day to day work. RGS used in Occupational Therapy treatments provides advances in our discipline and brings new opportunities to our users of Vall d’Hebron University Hospital. I Combine RGS with techniques in order to improve the autonomy and independence of people ”

Georgina Martínez Fernández , Occupational Therapist, Vall D'Hebron, Barcelona








Eodyne collaborates with the following health and research organizations

Eodyne obtained funding from EU and Spanish organizations

Eodyne’s awarded projects contribute to the international development of the company and its environment. These projects are supported by national and international agencies including:

The framework of the Export Initiation Program of ICEX, the European FEDER Fund and Nuclis-Accio INNOWWIDE – AAL EITHealthH2020 –  European Innovation Council (EIC) – Eureka Eurostar 

Running projects coordinated by Eodyne

– FEDER Nuclis -Accio: RGS-ICU

– Eurostar: PHASE


Projects where Eodyne is a partner

– H2020: Virtual Brain Cloud  

–  EITHealth: RGS@Home

– H2020: Marie Curie euSNN

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